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Williams & Wood have over 300 professional Process Servers across the UK and Europe on standby in your postcode area right now. We can complete instructions at short notice, out of business hours and at weekends. We can also serve subjects in prisons.

91% of instructions are completed on the first attempt!

Why use a process server instead of the post or a courier? 

A good Process Server will have done their homework. They will ensure that the respondent, debtor or defendant is the actual person that is presented with the documents, rather than the person that opens the door and signs for the package.

Court documents and notifications contain personal and sensitive information about individuals. If these documents were to go missing, or fall into the wrong hands, there could be a serious breach in data protection as per the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which launched in 2018. This could result in financial penalties, reputational damage and could compromise the entire case.

Once served, the Process Server will provide a Certificate of Service, Statement or an Affidavit. This will be presented at court and will provide proof to the Judge that these documents have been delivered to the correct person. This, in turn, strengthens the claimant's or petitioner's case. In some circumstances, documents can contain a Power of Arrest, therefore, the local police authority needs to be made aware and served as well, which we will do on your behalf.

Whilst traditional posting and courier methods are effective for day to day activities, they will not provide the additional assurance of the right person, right place and right reporting. This level of compliance is essential when presenting to the court.

Someone difficult to serve? 

Our discreet professional Process Servers are skilled in identifying when someone is evading service. Sometimes the subject can use all manner of tricks and diversion techniques to try and put our agents off the scent. Our Process Servers know this and are experienced in dealing with these fast-evolving situations in a patient and professional way.

How we work:

Essentially, we can tailor our approach to meet your requirements and cater for any specific needs you may have. However, the general process is as follows:

  • Once we have received the relevant details and documentation from you we will track down the subject from the address you have provided.
  • We confirm the respondent's identity before serving any documentation, ensuring the correct person is served.
  • We will inform you as soon as an attempt has been made.
  • Once the Process has been successfully served, a Statement or Certificate of Service will be provided, which is included in our price. If you require an Affidavit there is a small fee charged due to swearing or affirming with a Solicitor.
  • In the event that an instruction cannot be completed the first time, we will vary the calling pattern to ensure different times of the day and week are covered, including weekends. If required, we will liaise with you to find an alternative location, such as a work address. 
  • In addition, we can provide document filing and/or collection services at all courts throughout England and Wales.

For a free, no obligation consultation please contact us here, or for more information on the documents we serve and how we accept instructions, please see below.

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